Coping and Keeping Busy During COVID-19

Coping and Keeping Busy During COVID-19

We are currently living in an extraordinary time with nearly everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no definite timeframe as to when things will subside and we face daily questions such as, ‘when is it safe go out in public again?’ and ‘when can I see, hug and kiss our loved ones without risk?”. As a result, communities around the world are collectively coping with a range of emotions: anxiety, fear, boredom, loneliness and grief.

As the seniors and residents at The Village of Wentworth Heights follow the necessary precautions to keep themselves and others safe, they often experience similar emotions. However, most have remained positive, cheerful and have found many ways to keep their minds occupied while still staying connected to the outside world.

We particularly want to share the story within our Village walls to highlight a resident who has been coping and keeping busy during COVID-19. Her name is Annie Whittle, head resident ambassador since 2017. Ninety-five-year-old Annie has always made a name for herself as the go-to person for connecting people. “With COVID-19”, her days have changed, she admits, “but only a little. I still keep myself busy by spreading joy and positivity. There are always new people to meet.” You’ll often find  her “chatting with neighbours or welcoming new residents who are naturally anxious, moving during  this difficult time.” For her, these “unique times” offer unique opportunities in a community united in caring for – and about – each other.

Moreover, when Annie is not busy with Village life, she keeps herself busy by writing and sending daily letters to her sister in London, England. She admits that she “spends a fortune in stamps”, but it’s worth it to stay connected with someone she loves from across the world and to fill them in with what’s happening in her life. She also occupies her day with knitting. She’s received many requests from hats to matching owner-dog sweaters to a birthday request from her granddaughter. This special request was for a replica of the unique-patterned sweater worn by heart-throb Harry Styles, from the famous boy band One Direction. Annie had mixed emotions when her granddaughter asked of this for her 17th birthday. She was both excited and worried to start as she “has never done anything like this before.” However, this did not stop Annie; she was able to learn quickly and knitted the sweater in just a few weeks time! She was beyond proud to show everyone her finished product! Annie is often surprised by people who call her to complain about how bored they are as she can ‘hardly find enough hours in the day!'      

We know it’s a challenging time right now but Annie gives us hope and is a true testament that no matter how cut off we are from families, friends, and familiar faces we see on a daily basis, there are still many different activities to do and new skills to learn to keep us busy and moving forward to brighter days ahead!

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