Culture Talks during Operational Planning

'Dementia Emancipated' | Culture Talks with Jennifer Carson

Dr. Jennifer Carson offers a provocative presentation urging people to consider that when an older adult living with dementia is forced to live behind locked doors, segregated within their community, they are living within a home that borrows more from prison system than it does the health care system. 

'"Non-Compliant" = Choice: Who is Non-Compliant Now?' | Culture Talk with Carmen Bowman

The regulations that govern the health and long-term care system on Ontario should not be viewed as hurdles to jump through or a hindrance to a life lived well, suggests Carmen Bowmen in her talk. Instead, the regulations allow for life, friendship and choice, and these are the words we should focus on.

'Becoming a Gardener for the Human Spirit' | Culture Talks with Nancy Fox

Using the power of storytelling and 25 years of experience with culture change in elder care, Nancy Fox suggests that one of the most important aspects of a care partner role is that of a nurturer of the spirit that defines us all as human.

'Resident Empowerment: Going Deeper with Well-Being' | Culture Talks with Al Power

“Resident Empowerment” is a term often used when discussing improving the lives of those who live in LTC or Retirement settings. In this presentation, Dr. Allen Power pushes the audience to think of the concept in a different way, beginning with a quote from one of his influencers, Daniella Greenwood, who said: “Much of what we call ‘person-centred care’ is simply bossing people around in a very individualized way.”

'Dreaming Through Improv' | Culture Talks with Karen & Mondy

Karen Stobbe and Mondy Carter use humour, their skill as improvisational actors and the very real and personal experiences they’ve had caring for loved ones through the progression of dementia to inspire the audience to reflect on their own experience and reactions to life in the service of others.