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Irene Chinyenze shares her insights on COVID-19 vaccination, encouraging others to protect themselves against the virus.
April 1, 2021
- Village Voice
Esther Asare has heard all of the conflicting information surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations shared through seemingly infinite spaces online; the hesitancy among those who are unsure and the outright mistrust of those who float in the false facts of conspiracy. She chose to look past it all when her... Read more
March 19, 2021
- Village Voice
Loss is no stranger in Schlegel Villages. As neighbours, as families, we are well acquainted with the feelings that accompany the changes of later life – loss of health, loss of home, loss of freedoms, loss of cherished friends. But nothing could have prepared us for the losses that would come with... Read more
After a year under COVID-19, we reflect on the struggle and the beauty, and we look to the future with hope.
March 10, 2021
- Village Voice
Reflections and hope A year under COVID-19 Main Street in The Village of Wentworth Heights was abuzz with activity on March 12, 2020 as the Village celebrated the artwork of a talented retirement home resident. Guests mingled and viewed the various paintings of landscapes and seascapes; there were... Read more
Relationships in the realm of an RPN Village Voice Story
March 5, 2021
- Village Voice
To be a nurse is to answer a calling. There is an inherent kindness and compassion mixed with a desire to do anything possible to make the life of someone else a little easier. The RPNs who come alongside the residents of Schlegel Villages seem to bring even more of themselves, for they are not... Read more
Lloyd and Andrew, father and son, together to celebrate the New Year together in 2020. 
February 12, 2021
- Village Voice
In the two years Lloyd Tyrrell lived in Long-Term Care at The Village of Tansley Woods, his son Andrew learned so much. He learned how to be present with his father instead of correcting the inaccuracies of his dementia-altered memories; he learned to see the grace and compassion the team offers... Read more
Rose and her mother Margarete are so grateful for the love and healing they have seen at The Village of Tansley Woods.
January 8, 2021
- Village Voice
Margarete Clausnitzer has always lived life with love in her heart for everyone she meets. “My mother gives love and as soon as somebody does something for her, she thanks them from the bottom of her heart,” says her daughter, Rose Robertson. “She says, ‘it’s all because of love.’ ” Rose and her... Read more
After much consideration, Kylie and Staci were proud to get their vaccination to protect those they serve, as well as for their own well-being. 
January 7, 2021
- Village Voice
Staci Wale is only half-joking when she says she’s the type of person who won’t buy shampoo without spending hours researching the ingredients to make an informed decision. “If I’m putting something in my body, I want to know exactly what I’m doing,” she says. After much consideration, Kylie and... Read more
Team members from across the organization have been able to  support their brothers and sisters during times of great challenge.  Brad Schlegel was able to see this in action during his time over Christmas in The Village at St,.Clair. 
December 30, 2020
- Village Voice
At the close of year measured by sacrifice and loss, it’s worth noting what has lifted the spirit and offered signs of hope. Within the Schlegel Villages community, one such beacon has been the ways in which Villages and team members have supported each other during the times of greatest difficulty... Read more
#ElderWisdom Podcast - image of Guest Douglas Robinson
December 19, 2020
- In the News
The long-established Wisdom of the Elder Signature Program within Schlegel Villages has led to the launch of a new podcast as part of an over-arching #ElderWidsom campaign to help combat ageism in our society. The podcast series debuted on Oct. 13 and takes the idea of the Green Bench campaign,... Read more
Lynn is proud to be a source of connection for residents of the Village at University Gates.
December 10, 2020
- Village Voice
Lynn Roy retired from her position as a corporate executive in the Spring of 2019 only to quickly discover that the transition from busy days managing people across the country to filling much less busy days after leaving the job wasn’t quite what she was expecting. Lynn is proud to be a source of... Read more