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Jo and Abby made an instant connection when they first met in The Village of Humber Heights.
July 16, 2021
- Village Voice
As the Assistant General Manager at The Village of Humber Heights retirement home, Abby Bello likes to introduce himself early to everyone who moves in. He wants to be sure they have all they need, they’re comfortable and they know they can call upon him at any time. When he met Giosune (Jo)... Read more
Music took Ruth all over the world, and it's still a big part of her life at The Village of Humber Heights.
June 29, 2021
- Village Voice
With a soft laugh and a quiet, humble voice, Ruth Watson Henderson says it has been quite a while since she’s played the piano for anyone other than herself. She then wheels herself over to the old Steinway Grand in her suite in The Village of Humber Heights, sets up before the keys and pauses a... Read more
Ross and Barb lit up The Village at University  Gates when they came down for the Spring Prom.
June 29, 2021
- Village Voice
Barb Brittain’s smile is wide and her eyes kind as her husband Ross discusses the talent she had for warming a church and its congregation with the beauty of her skills upon a piano. She had a gift for music and for connecting with people, Ross says. When they retired and moved to Waterford,... Read more
“They have been so absolutely lovely,” says one family  member about the team at Erin Mills Lodge and the care the small home offers her father and his fellow residents. 
June 24, 2021
- Village Voice
It has been just over two weeks since Ernie moved into Mississauga’s Erin Mills lodge, and his daughter Marlene has seen a noticeable improvement. The move, she says, is “bringing new life back to Dad.” “They have been so absolutely lovely,” says one family member about the team at Erin Mills Lodge... Read more
Berit wore her traditional Norwegian Constitution Day  costume, and her husband's reaction warmed her heart. 
June 22, 2021
- Village Voice
Whenever Berit Buck would don her traditional Norwegian dress, like those customarily worn by girls and women during Norwegian celebrations marking the countries confirmation as an independent kingdom, her husband’s head would turn. Constitution Day is celebrated in the great Nordic nation of Berit... Read more
Riverside Glen: Pauline Jenkins has created gifts for others around the world with her knitting skills. She's now part of a community  group doing the same for Hospice Wellington. 
June 17, 2021
- Village Voice
Pauline Jenkins was a young lady growing up in England when she first picked up a knitting needle. It was pretty much out of necessity, she says, for this was a time of scarcity after the Second World War and it was common for households to create and repair their own clothing. Pauline Jenkins has... Read more
“Anytime I see someone who works at Schlegel Villages, I can tell that they work at Schlegel Villages in the way that they carry themselves and the way they speak of what they do,” Antonio says. “It’s different.”
June 14, 2021
- Village Voice
Antonio Guglietti has been a respiratory therapist with ProResp for 17 years, often supporting patients in their own home but also caring for the needs of long-term care residents in need of supplemental respiratory support. The first connection he ever had with Schlegel Villages was in The Village... Read more
Schlegel Villages as whole has made a point to open conversations around diversity and inclusion during Pride Month.
June 10, 2021
- Village Voice
You can be you while being a part of our family. This is a key phrase that Schlegel Villages uses when introducing the core values of the organization to potential new team members, but it applies to everyone. As Villages across the organization collectively marked Pride on June 9, this phrase came... Read more
Vasil with his grandchildren, Emerson and Ronan. The children gave their Papa and his fellow residents the gift of music in a virtual piano concert
June 3, 2021
- Village Voice
According to his son Jason, Vasil Henry would have loved to play the piano, but he never had the opportunity as a young person to learn. Time has a way of moving people past earlier ambitions, so Vasil’s love of playing music was something he tried to pass onto his sons when they were young. Jason... Read more
Rick and Don are so grateful for Erin Meadows,  home to both Don and his lovely wife, Helen. 
June 1, 2021
- Village Voice
Don and Helen Cofell retired to the small town of Stirling Ont., just north of Belleville, for love of the quiet, country atmosphere and the opportunity to be involved in community life. Helen, especially, made her presence felt in countless volunteer capacities, and was recognized in 2017 for her... Read more