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May 24, 2018
- Village Voice
For years, Dawn Garvey was a traditional co-operative education teacher helping secondary school students find work placements in their community and supporting them through the semester. She discovered after some time, however, that a group of students with different, non-traditional needs were... Read more
Don & Mary at The Village at University Gates Curiosity Fair
May 22, 2018
- Village Voice
University Gates’ Don Nightingale says he’s sharing the bragging rights his Village earned at the Schlegel Olympics in February as he sits beside the booth he helped create for the recent Curiosity Fair, hosted at the RIA’s Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Aging next door. University Gates... Read more
Team Member offers quality care to resident in a wheelchair
May 17, 2018
- Village Voice
It’s one thing to be trained to provide personal care for someone who is physically or cognitively unable to provide it for themself. It’s another thing entirely to know what it feels like to have someone provide that care for you – to have someone brush your teeth or your hair for you, or dress... Read more
Customer Experience Panel at Schlegel Villages Leadership retreat
May 15, 2018
- Village Voice
The idea of treating the people who live in a long-term care or retirement setting as ‘patients’ being treated for the symptoms of old age is no longer acceptable within any organization that wants to be successful in the sector. The fact is, these residents are people accessing a service and just... Read more
Jamie Schlegel addresses the graduates of the Conestoga College Leadership in Long Term Care & Retirement Living Graduates
May 10, 2018
- Village Voice
When Mary-Lou van der horst asked nearly 300 people on Day 1 of the annual Schlegel Villages Leadership Retreat to raise their hands if they were graduates of the Leadership Program for Long-Term Care and Retirement Living, a vast majority responded affirmatively. “Whoa,” she responded. “That’s a... Read more
May 8, 2018
- Village Voice
An intentional sense of comfort greets guests who enter a Schlegel Village; Main Street hums with activity as residents and team members go about their daily business. That sense of comfort has now been extended to potential team members who are invited to walk into a Village in their neighbourhood... Read more
May 3, 2018
- Village Voice
The basement in The Village of Tansley Woods is a hive of activity. Team members on break share stories over coffee and light snacks, while not far away the kitchen hums with busyness as lunch is prepared for village residents. Tina and Mary have come to be close friends, thanks in large part to... Read more
May 1, 2018
- Village Voice
On top of his gifts as a meticulous planner overseeing a wide range of complex construction projects as vice president of design and construction with RBJ Schlegel Holdings, Brad Schlegel offers humour and charm to the people he meets. Brad Schlegel with his two Olympic silver medals during the... Read more
April 27, 2018
- Village Voice
Team and Residents Cheer the Long Awaited News When Coleman Care Centre first became part of the Schlegel Villages family eight years ago, the vision was always for the original 112-bed long-term care home to be redeveloped to encompass the full continuum of care that defines the village concept... Read more
April 26, 2018
- Village Voice
As Schlegel Villages Chief Operating Officer Paul Brown welcomes the largest contingent of leaders ever assembled from within the organization to the annual leadership retreat on April 25, he shares a story from this past winter. Tanveer Naseer launched nearly 300 people from across Schlegel... Read more