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GoFund Me page has been set up to raise money for Mackenzie's support dog
July 26, 2018
- Village Voice
There’s a spirit of generosity within The Village of Winston Park that Susette McGrath and Hilda Zuzinjak have seen regularly in their respective 30 and 20 years working there that instills a sense of pride. When a team member is in need, the Winston Park community steps up, they say; it always has... Read more
July 25, 2018
- Village Voice
A small restorative care team at The Village of Sandalwood Park takes time on a regular basis to review stats on each resident’s health, eager to highlight those who have the potential to benefit from the restorative care program. In the fall of 2017, a fairly new resident named Frank Porter came... Read more
Music & Memory provides a personalized playlist for seniors living with dementia
July 17, 2018
- Village Voice
Six years ago after more than 20 ambassadors returned from the Pioneer Network Conference held in Jacksonville, Florida, team members were struck by countless new points of inspiration. The Music and Memory program, centred on the idea that personalized music for people living with dementia can... Read more
Jim Dubie, Riverside Glen Long-Term Care takes flight again
July 16, 2018
- Village Voice
When iFLY instructor Ryan Desjardins walks up to shake the hand of his new student, 87-year-old Jim Dubie from the Village of Riverside Glen in Guelph, he makes and receives a strong first impression. “Are you ready to fly?” Ryan asks. Paratrooper Jim Dubie in Korea. “My boy,” comes Jim’s reply, “I... Read more
July 10, 2018
- Village Voice
Each Schlegel Village is much more than simply a place where people live and work. They are central community hubs that connect older adults living in the wider community; they are mentoring grounds that invite school children to learn about older generations; they host concerts and community... Read more
July 5, 2018
- Village Voice
This is the third story in a series related to the concept of the seven domains of well-being and the idea that if a person is lacking in either security, joy, meaning, growth, connectedness, autonomy or identity, then their prospects for quality in their life are greatly diminished. For people... Read more
July 3, 2018
- Village Voice
Brittany Kraft, a nurse from The Village at University Gates, recently spoke at the Schlegel Villages/RIA Innovation Summit about a different approach to supporting residents who are living with mental health or dementia related challenges. Specifically, she spoke about the lens of personal well-... Read more
Two youth join Bob at the #ElderWisdom bench in Toronto's Trinity Bellwoods Park
June 28, 2018
- Village Voice
The #ElderWisdom campaign that Schlegel Villages brought to the world through the month of June has proven to be so much more than seniors representatives of 19 villages sitting upon a green bench in their community, chatting with passersby. Indeed, that is a key aspect and the starting point of... Read more
Connectedness is one of seven domains of well-being that helps create a life of meaing for all people, regardless of age
June 26, 2018
- Village Voice
One of the great challenges facing caregivers who support people living with dementia is the complex behavioural changes and mood shifts that can seemingly occur out of nowhere among those living with the changing nature of the disease. The province of Ontario, for example, invests heavily in... Read more
Aspen Lake's Jake Corrent plays "Simon Scream" during an Innovation Summit session on theatre and improv as a tool the enhance life quality and improve mental health.
June 21, 2018
- Village Voice
Gabrielle Uger fell in love with theatre long ago and that love never faded from her system. Through a life path that carried her from Texas to Northern Ontario and eventually Guelph, where she discovered a new love working alongside residents in The Village of Arbour Trails, the artistic and... Read more