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Azm and his daughter Omnia shoot a little pool together at Erin Meadows.
October 22, 2019
- Village Voice
The retirement neighbourhoods of The Village of Erin Meadows shot up on the corner of Winston Churchill Blvd. and Erin Mills Crossing “right in front of my eyes,” says Azm Fazlul Hoque. This is his neighbourhood and though he’s known of The Village since the long-term care home opened more than 15... Read more
Six key thought leaders in the realm of culture change offered five thought-provoking presentations at Operational Planning
October 18, 2019
- Village Voice
Schlegel Villages has always chosen to invest in thought-provoking guest speakers to inspire attendees at its annual spring Leadership Retreat and the Operational Planning Retreat it hosts every autumn. This fall’s event, which celebrated 10 years of concerted effort to change the culture of aging... Read more
October 15, 2019
- Articles & Education, Resources
'Dementia Emancipated' | Culture Talks with Jennifer Carson Dr. Jennifer Carson offers a provocative presentation urging people to consider that when an older adult living with dementia is forced to live behind locked doors, segregated within their community, they are living within a home that... Read more
Schlegel Villages Team Members and Residents enjoyed taking part in the annual Oktoberfest Parade.
October 15, 2019
- Village Voice
Thanksgiving is all about tradition and for people from the Kitchener-Waterloo region, tradition often centres around the annual Oktoberfest parade on Thanksgiving Monday. Schlegel Villages was once again proud to be part of the event with team members and residents wrapped up together on the #... Read more
Olive greets everyone in her home Village with a smile.
October 10, 2019
- Village Voice
Olive Flaherty’s eyes glisten with moisture at the mention of her husband, Albert. This year, 2019, would have marked their 75th wedding anniversary, but Albert passed away in February. They moved to The Village of Humber Heights in the early part of 2017 so Olive could care for him with a little... Read more
Richard and Sharon together in their home at Arbour Trails with Wendy, Luis, Marisol and Gabriel.
October 8, 2019
- Village Voice
Richard Carruthers and his wife Sharon are sitting at the large table in the Council Chambers off Main Street in The Village of Arbour Trails for lunch. They are surrounded by the love of their daughter Wendy, her husband Luis and two of their beautiful grandchildren, six-year-old Gabriel and 12-... Read more
Adam Frye, Jennifer Hartwick and Jaimie Killingbeck discuss early findings from the design-thinking process.
October 4, 2019
- Village Voice
The theme for the annual Schlegel Villages Operational Planning Retreat in Niagara Falls Oct. 1-3 was Honouring our Past, Defining our Future. Day 1 offered the opportunity to do both, with a morning of reflection on the past decade of the organization’s culture change and an afternoon filled with... Read more
Jennifer Carson alongside guest speakers Nancy Fox and Carmen Bowman at the 2019 Operational Planning retreat.
October 2, 2019
- Village Voice
A choice fell in front of the team from Schlegel Villages a decade ago as they gathered for the organization’s annual Operational Planning retreat: they could maintain the status quo or they could strive for a different approach to the care and support of the people served in the Villages. They... Read more
Ron Schlegel proudly accepts the Donna Holwell Legacy Award, presented by the Ontario Retirement Communities Association.
September 27, 2019
- Village Voice
Ron Schlegel has been supporting the seniors of his communities since he was a boy serving meals in the small seniors home his parents operated in London, Ont. The values instilled in his heart at a young age have guided his path through life, and the retirement Villages he has built that today... Read more
Mothers and families connected to Fonkoze's CLM  program are walking the Pathway to a Better Life.
September 25, 2019
- Village Voice
When the echoes of laughter and shouts of “fore” at Mount Elgin Golf and Country Club finally quieted at the close of the Annual Schlegel Villages Hand up Fore Haiti golf tournament Sept. 5, more than $25,000 had been raised to support some of Haiti’s most vulnerable families through Fonkoze’s... Read more