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#IGiveHope is a reminder of the legacy behind the Fund; Wilfred Schlegel was a humble community builder, always there to lend a hand, and Schlegel Villages team members embody that spirit every day.
October 5, 2020
- Village Voice
When Ron Schlegel speaks about his father, Wilfred, there is reverence in his voice. When his sons speak of their grandfather, admiration shines through, as does their commitment to follow his example as a generous community builder always looking for opportunities to help a neighbour. When the... Read more
Days before the provincial COVID-19 lockdown was imposed, artist Ann Wingfield was featured in an art show in her home Village of Wentworth Heights.
September 24, 2020
- Village Voice
It’s March 12, 2020, and The Village of Wentworth Heights is bustling along Main Street, more vibrant today than is typical for an already vibrant Village. Main Street is alight with guests and residents, all eager to celebrate the artwork of resident and painter Ann Wingfield and the colourful... Read more
Maddie's time at Aspen Lake prompted to her change career paths; here she is on her way north to Thunder Bay where she will study nursing at Lakehead University.
September 21, 2020
- Village Voice
Emily James and Maddie Potts were both just children when they first connected with life in a Schlegel Village. Emily’s mother Melanie was a recreation director in Kitchener’s Village of Winston Park when she recalls first visiting the Village; Maddie’s mother Joanne opened The Village of Aspen... Read more
Arlene from The Village of Winston Park was one of many  who received tribute from a loved one to celebrate Grandparents Day. "She has helped shaped us into the people that we are today," wrote her granddaughter Orisha, "and are forever grateful that she is our Grandma!"
September 14, 2020
- Village Voice
For the third year running, Schlegel Villages sponsored a ‘contest’ in celebration of Grandparents Day, asking people connected to the Villages to share their views on why their grandparent could be considered the grandest. The response in 2020 was tremendous and on Sept. 13, many Villages... Read more
During the 2019 Christmas season, Don, Claudette and Patricia  spent time with caregivers Joy and Patrick in the Egerton Neighbourhood.
September 10, 2020
- Village Voice
Once work life slowed in their later years, Don and Claudette Fligg would spend months at a time at their cottage on the shores of Lake Simcoe. Even after Don suffered a severe stroke in early 2018, the family would do all they could to get him there to be in his place of comfort. On a bright and... Read more
Aspen Lake's Barry Hickling and Jenny Brown were both panelists in two separate sessions at the first ever virtual Pioneer Network Conference.
September 3, 2020
- Village Voice
For more than a decade, Schlegel Villages has found inspiration in its quest to change the culture of aging within its villages and beyond through The Pioneer Network, one of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations dedicated to improving the lives of our oldest citizens. Aspen Lake's Barry... Read more
Dorothy was thrilled with the gift she received from friends who are so proud of her determination in the face of adversity.
August 27, 2020
- Village Voice
Dorothy Lloyd has had knitting needles in her hands most of her life; like so many who find solace in the hobby, there is comfort in the rhythm and a sense of accomplishment when a new creation finds completion. Dorothy was thrilled with the gift she received from friends who are so proud of her... Read more
Lucho Vallar shares his deeply personal, difficult experience with COVID-19. He feared for his father especially, and  desperately wanted to support his fellow team members at Pinehaven Nursing Home.
August 20, 2020
- Village Voice
Like any long-term care home serving some of the most vulnerable citizens during the rising numbers of COVID-19, the team at Pinehaven Nursing Home in Waterloo was on edge in those early months. Yes, they were following all necessary Infection Prevention and Control Protocols, but there was still a... Read more
Mickey says he is greatly impressed with the perseverance  of the residents and his fellow team members at Erin Mills Lodge, and he's proud to be part of the small Village. 
August 14, 2020
- Village Voice
There were a couple of factors that prompted Mickey Mai to walk into Mississauga’s Erin Mills Lodge back in April to offer his services in any way they could be used. COVID-19 had affected the income he and his parents were able to earn, for one, but more importantly, he had seen how much of an... Read more
Vera was gracious enough to share her wisdom and perspective on the important issue of racial equality.
July 31, 2020
- Village Voice
When the powder keg of racial inequality in the United States erupted in late May following the horrific death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the scope of the issue quickly spread across borders. The protests and the political reactions across America quickly flared in the psyche of Canadians, and... Read more