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The Village of Humber Heights
2245 Lawrence Ave West, Etobicoke
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For more than 20 years, The Village of Humber Heights has been a fixture in the northwest edge of Toronto. Just off Lawrence Avenue, slightly west of the Humber River, the Village is built upon the legacy of the old Humber Heights Consolidated School that welcomed its first pupils in 1921.

Humber Heights PatioThe age of the people who fill the halls and gardens with joy and laughter may be different today, but the space still remains a focal point for a community surrounded by homes that were built decades ago by eager young families whose connections to the neighbourhood remains. Today, it’s common to meet residents in the Village who raised their families a block or two away; their deep roots to the area remain intact, while they enjoy full independence without the hassle of caring for their home or property.

Humber Heights offers a full continuum of care and services for older adults, with plenty of options for people to remain active and connect with a new level of community within the Village.

Suite at The Village of Humber Heights in Etobicoke“It’s amazing how many people who first settle here remark about the things they thought they would miss, only to be surprised by the things they have found,” says General Manager Apprentice Karen Burt. Karen helped hundreds of people move into the Village over the years as a Director of Lifestyle Options before taking on her new role. She says the sense that they are part of a larger family is what people tend to comment on most once they settle in.

“Many people think they might miss their gardens or their outdoor spaces, but they find they have that all here in the Village,” Karen says. “What they find that might have been unexpected is a team of amazing people who work here and deeper connections with residents just like them; it’s a new level of social connection that many people who are living at home alone don’t even realize they have been missing.”

Book Your Tour at The Village of Humber Heights Retirement Home in EtobicokeIn a city that has grown incredibly fast over the years, yet was built on neighbourhood connections like those found on the banks of the Humber River, The Village of Humber Heights stands out for its close sense of community.

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