Support for our Friends and Neighbours in Haiti

With deep concern and sorrow, the Schlegel Villages community has been watching closely as our friends and neighbours in Haiti face the aftermath of another devastating earthquake that has shattered the fragile nation.

The Schlegel connection to Haiti goes back decades; Wilfred Schlegel and his wife Emma, who opened the family’s first care home in London, Ont. In 1953, focused some of their final community-building efforts in life to fundraising and building an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. Not long after the catastrophic earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince in 2010 claiming tens of thousands of lives, Schlegel Villages began efforts as a community and family to raise funds in support of an inspiring organization called Fonkoze. This group has helped countless Haitian families emerge from extreme poverty in the face of immense challenge. Our team members, friends and partners who have had the honour to witness Fonkoze’s impact firsthand, as well as so many here at home, have deep connections to the people of Haiti and our hearts, prayers and our ongoing support is there. Visit to learn more about this amazing organization and click here to access a series of stories related to the Schlegel Villages connection to Haiti.