Caregivers' Week | May 7-13 at Schlegel Villages

At Schlegel Villages, we celebrate our wide and diverse range of caregivers because everyone plays an integral part in the lives of the people we are so honoured to serve. Our nurses, PSWs and clinical teams may have more of a direct impact in quality of care outcomes, but everyone contributes to quality of life as our residents continue to find meaning, purpose, joy and growth each day.

Caregivers Week, May 7-13 Banner with team members photos

The heart of the caregiver is boundless, it seems, and we hear such pride in their voices when they speak of the purpose they find in their connections with others.

“I feel very fulfilled working with the residents and working with all of my coworkers; making special memories and bonds together is ultimately very meaningful.” - Champa Panditha, Neighbourhood Coordinator

Donna Dalupan, General Manager“There was never a question that I wasn’t going to be a nurse when I grew up. I’m proud of the family culture at Schlegel Villages, that I can be me!” - Donna Dalupan, General Manager

“I chose the care field because it is close to my heart and it gives me joy and fulfillment being with seniors.” - Tenzin Kyizom, Neighbourhood Coordinator

“I absolutely fell in love with working with elders and Schlegel Villages. Every time I volunteered, I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy, meaning, contribution, and connection.” - Anneliese Krueger, Senior General Manager

Adelina Oliviero, Neighbourhood Coordinator poster 'I am a Caregiver'“I really found my passion in helping seniors. It’s very rewarding to go home every day feeling happy and accomplished.” - Adelina Oliveira, Neighbourhood Coordinator

“I choose to work with seniors because it gives me valuable insight into the aging process and looking forward to when I get to that special age!” - Rusheda Foreshaw, Personal Support Worker

“Working with the residents, you learn that every individual has different needs and wants and everyone likes to be cared for in different ways.” - Pamela Chand, Recreation

“When I come to work, I make sure I make a difference every day. I feel proud when the residents are satisfied and happy.” - Carmelita Velasquez, Medication Certified Personal Care Aide

“I joined this profession because working with seniors is enjoyable. I’ve learned something from our residents and that is to always have a positive attitude.” - Grace Ayala, Food Services Team Member

Morgan Sullivan, Director of the Program for Active Living poster 'I am a Caregiver'“I chose to work in a caring profession because I have always put others before myself. I’m proud to work at Schlegel Villages because I know I am part of a team that provides quality care to all residents and helps improve quality of life.” - Morgan Sullivan, Program for Active Living Coordinator

“It’s not like a job, it’s like family. I care for many other people like I care for my mother – I love my job!” - Yaroslava Kopach, Personal Support Worker

“If you are not working with love, you should not work. Sometimes the residents tell me ‘God bless you’ and others are only smiling, but this is my greatest pay for the day.” - Elena Bastos, Personal Support Worker

Roger is a Caregiver at Schlegel Villages“As an individual raised by grandparents, taking care of (residents) is like returning the love and care they gave me when I was young.” - Roger Calpito, Personal Support Worker

“It feels incredible to be able to work with seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. I want to help seniors who need that help every day.” - Christopher Salamat, Personal Support Worker

“I applied to work here spontaneously without previous experience in LTC; I was pleasantly surprised and fell in love with what Schlegel Villages stands for.” - Ryan Morin, Director of the Program for Active Living

Angela Farrish, Administrative Coordinator poster 'I am a Caregiver'“I wanted a career that had meaning and purpose. Working with the residents is very rewarding and has helped me grow as a person.” - Angela Farrish, Administrative Coordinator

“I love when I can either inspire the residents to try something new or when I have made something that brings back a happy memory.” - Misty Baker, Cook

Tracy is #ProudToWorkAt Schlegel Villages as a Caregiver“There is something about elders that just pulled me back where I belong; helping and supporting quality of life brings me joy.” - Tracy King, Director of Quality and Innovation

“The greatest lesson I’ve learned from the residents is to be grateful every day and rejoice in every moment in all circumstances.” - Aster Yehdego, Food Services Team Member

“I was hired in LTC when I was 17 and I never looked back since! The residents have a lifetime of stories to tell – they are our history.” - Verna Dykstra, Housekeeping Aide

“The greatest lesson I have learned from a resident and I have put into my life outside of work is to slow down and enjoy life!” - Angie Rose, Personal Support Worker

Elena is #ProudToWorkAt Schlegel Villages as a caregiver“I came to LTC as a high school student; I loved it so much and had a great experience so from there I decided I wanted to work with seniors.” - Elena Jorna, Recreation Team Member

“I like to support people and do things for them; I like connect and build authentic relationships.” - Jason Luke, Housekeeping Team Member