Schlegel Villages Represented at Healthy Hearts CHEF Challenge

The 2019 Healthy Hearts Chef Challenge will showcase the culinary talents of executive chefs representing Chartwell, Delmanor, Esprit, Revera and Schlegel Villages Retirement Communities. This fun-filled evening is the kick-off for our 35th Anniversary WALK OF LIFE® on Saturday, May 25th. In addition to raising funds for SickKids, the WALK OF LIFE® will continue to support 25 cardiac rehab programs across Canada, the Dr. Terry Kavanagh Heart Health Lab at U of T, and other cardiac health-related organizations.


Chef GEORGE MADALENA C.C.C Representing Schlegel Villages

After excelling at prestigious establishments such as Centro, Four Seasons Toronto and Hockley Valley Resort and Spa, Chef George Madalena has been delighting residents at Schlegel Villages as Culinary Specialist. Chef Madalena grew up on a hobby farm in rural Ontario and his love for local, fresh-from-thegarden ingredients has flourished since the time he could see over the countertop of his childhood kitchen. Starting with the philosophy that a great dish starts with a great ingredient and grows around it, the lessons George learned on the farm guide all of his menu creations. This is deliciously reflected in his hands-on involvement with the team at Schlegel Villages and his gentle guidance in the kitchen when coaching fellow chefs and teammates to the delight of all guests and residents.

Schlegel Villages Culinary Team

Presenting at the Healthy Hearts Chef Challenge

Culinary Team: Chefs George Madalena, Peter Mariano, Regina Lyte, Adonis Black

Culinary Theme: North American Japanese

Serving: Salmon Tataki with Light Smoke, Shaved Crisp Vegetable Salad, Dashi Soy and Avocado Mayo Dressing


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Salmon Tataki Recipe

with warm cracked wheat, shaved crisp vegetable salad dressed with dashi soy and avocado mayo


5 lbs Fresh salmon
250 ml Sugar
75 ml Salt
1 Orange peel
15 ml Black sesame seeds
Lightly sear or smoke

  • Rinse and place salmon in a flat glass dish
  • Combine all other ingredients and cover all sides of salmon fillet, refrigerate for two hours.
  • Before cooking rinse all marinade from salmon fillet and pat dry, and roll sesame seeds on surface of salmon.
  • Lightly sear all sides. Best served rare

Cracked Wheat

500 ml Cracked wheat
100 ml Chopped fresh
10 ml Olive oil

  • Simmer in seasoned water.
  • Once wheat is tender, drain, and rinse until cool.
  • Hang to dry for a few minutes to release any extra water.
  • Mix in dressing. By blending fresh coriander and olive oil together to make a dressing.

Shaved Vegetable Salad

200 ml Daikon
50 ml Thai Basil
200 ml Watercress or Arugula
100 ml Sprouted Mung Beans
100 ml Purple cabbage
100 ml Carrot
100 ml Cucumber

  • Wash, peel and cut carrots, cucumber, daikon radish and cabbage into long spaghetti shaped strips. (A Chinese madeline or a vegetable peeler would work well.)
  • Hand tear basil and fold remaining ingredients together with spaghetti vegetables.
  • Gently fold in dressing and enjoy.

Vegetable Dressing

50 ml Rice wine vinegar
25 ml Calamansi
(can be substituted
with honey)

  • In bowl whisk ingredients together.

Dashi Combo

15 ml Benito flakes
50 ml Kombu
(dry seaweed)
100 ml Soy sauce
150 ml Water

  • Place all ingredients into a pot and bring to a gentle simmer for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Strain and let cool.

Avocado Dress

100 ml Avocado
20 ml Pickled
ginger vinegar
150 ml Olive oil
15 ml Mustard

  • In the container of a food processor or blender, combine the mustard, avocado and vinegar.
  • Set the food processor on medium speed and gradually drizzle in the oil while it runs.
  • Adjust seasoning and transfer to a container with a lid and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Schlegel Villages Tataki Salmon dish

The importance of wholesome good food and breaking bread together as a family is a value cherished at Schlegel Villages, and each Village offers delicious entrées created by trained chefs who pour their love into every meal.