A Pride Letter From Jamie Schlegel


Pride at Schlegel Villages Banner

Dear Schlegel Villages Community,


As our Villages and our organization celebrates Pride Month, it is amazing to think how far the world has come since the days when my grandfather opened our family’s first care home for seniors over 70 years ago.

People and communities change thanks to the lessons and teachings of each generation and through the passing along of wisdom and experience, I like to think we continue to breakdown intolerance with love, understanding and acceptance.

We are so proud that our Villages embrace diversity in all of its many forms, from the cultural to the individual, and we seek to honour every person, just as they are. To me, that is what Pride is all about and this year, our Villages will be recognizing and celebrating Pride Day on June 12th, recognizing just how important it is to never lose sight of our aspiration to ‘Honour Diversity in Village Life’.

Some of our Villages have led the way in recent years as flagships of inclusion, and we thank them for their leadership. We have always sought to celebrate and support everyone in our communities, and I’m looking forward to the many ways our Villages will safely shine a light on the power of Pride.

There will always be more to do, however, for we know that prejudice remains a dark spot on the hearts of some in our society still, and our residents, team members, volunteers, families and partners all have a role to play in creating a more inclusive world. I thank every one for the part they play in making our Villages a welcoming place for all.

Thank you, and happy Pride!

Jamie Schlegel