Support for our Neighbours, Here and Around the World: Letter from James Schlegel

Dear Team Members, Residents, Loved Ones and Neighbours;

One of the most cherished aspects of life in our 19 Villages is the diversity we so often celebrate. Each location is a microcosm of our global community. A great number of our team members are new Canadians from every corner of the globe and countless others are second generation, thanking their parents for the life in Canada they enjoy today. Likewise, I have met so many residents whose stories of global adventure or struggle and hardship led them to our shores where, for decades, they contributed to the strength of our proud nation; each story is an inspiration.

These past months under the darkness of COVID-19, our Global Village has become a very different place. We have never felt so far apart from loved ones around the world, even though it has never been easier to connect virtually. Just as we see the devastating impact the third wave of the virus is having on neighbours here in Ontario and Canada, we watch from afar in pain as neighbours in India, Brazil, Pakistan and so many other countries struggle to deal with punishing illness and loss.

Grief, fear and worry were the reality for all of us at Schlegel Villages during the first and second waves, and we are grateful that at present, vaccinations have done so much to protect those we serve and the team members who serve them. We remain ever vigilant inside our Villages, even as our deep fear and worry is now collectively focused on our neighbours here and around the world. Where we are able, our teams are working hard to welcome new residents to alleviate pressures for our hospital partners and we will continue to offer all the support we can muster. For our residents and team members whose loved ones live in the regions of most concern around the world, the positive thoughts and prayers of our broad Schlegel Family are sent your way.

Hope is upon the horizon and with every dose of vaccine, the moment when safe travel and the opportunity to reunite with our loved ones inches ever closer. Until we get to that point, stay strong and lean upon your faith and each other.


James Schlegel, President and CEO
Schlegel Villages


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