Reflections from Veterans & Residents Living in the Villages

Remembering VeteransNovember 11th marks Remembrance Day. We, at Schlegel Villages, come together to remember a time of war and conflict and to honour the Men & Women who have served their country.  Through conversations with our residents, about Remembrance Day, we share their thoughts and feelings in response to our questions.



Nicolas Kremer | Army

Marjorie Nelson-Carroll

Harry Malcomson | Army Cook

Patricia Jamieson | British Royal Navy

David Slater | Army

Arnold Schell | Artillary

Bill Schweitzer

Marianne Weyer

Ivan B

Bill Riedel

Alice P

Terry Fagan | British Army

Maggie L | Air Force

Clarence East | Army


Joan Carter

Robert Crouse | Korean War

Albert Hood | Air Force

Tom Gingrich | Air Force

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