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Brian has come from his home in Florida to speak on the final day of the organization’s annual Operational Planning retreat from the perspective of someone living with dementia.
November 6, 2018
- Village Voice
Isolated in a corner of the stage in a large convention room at the Sheraton Hotel in Niagara Falls, Brain LeBlanc sits upon a single chair with his back to an audience of 360 people connected to Schlegel Villages. The imagery is striking. With charisma and charm, Brian Leblanc, with his care... Read more
Erin Meadows Retirement home, Assisted Living, and Memory Care will open in Early 2019 - Book a tour today
October 31, 2018
- In the News
Heart of the community’s growth Providing a full range of retirement living options The Schlegel Family. Kitchener, Ontario. When The Village of Erin Meadows first put down roots in Mississauga at the corner of Winston Churchill and Erin Centre boulevards 15 years ago, the area was still growing... Read more
A great team member experience
October 30, 2018
- Village Voice
When Schlegel Villages first embarked on an Appreciative Inquiry summit in the fall of 2010, the organization was reimagining approaches to care and support for the residents who call a village home. It was the beginning of what has come to be known as the organization’s culture change journey, and... Read more
Grace composed an original song to say thank you to The Village she volunteered at all through school.
October 25, 2018
- Village Voice
To meet the requirements of the Grade 12 music course in her final year of high school, Grace Chretien had to compose and perform a unique piece of music. Inspiration, however, as so often happens when a deadline looms over creativity, was difficult to come by, and Grace had trouble getting started... Read more
October 23, 2018
- Village Voice
In most cases, when somebody requires the support of a long-term care home and they finally make the move to become a resident in one, it’s the last move they make in life. Ideally, they are cared for and supported by a dedicated team filled with compassion, and they live the last stage of their... Read more
Success Winners at Schlegel Villages
October 18, 2018
- Village Voice
During his opening remarks on the second morning of the annual Schlegel Villages operational planning retreat in Niagara Falls in late September, president and CEO Jamie Schlegel invites the newly arrived Success Award Winners to stand and be noticed. The conference hall erupts in a raucous... Read more
Java Music Club - A peer support group
October 16, 2018
- Village Voice
It’s a typical Thursday morning in early September at the Village of Glendale Crossing in London. Main Street is buzzing with activity as team members and residents hum back and forth. Conversations and laughter float in and out, while a small clothing sale is set up in the library attracting... Read more
Ron Schlegel speaks to team members at the Operational Planning retreat
October 12, 2018
- Village Voice
Perhaps one of the greatest attributes residents, families, team members and leaders value within Schlegel Villages is the family culture that permeates all corners of the organization. It’s something sensed when one steps inside a village for the first time, and it’s certainly something the... Read more
KW Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day parade
October 10, 2018
- Village Voice
Schlegel Villages couldn’t resist taking part in the 50th anniversary celebrations of North America’s largest Bavarian festival with a parade float in the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day parade Oct. 8. Residents, families and team members were happy to be part of the 50th KW... Read more
Happiness by Design
October 4, 2018
- Village Voice
The human brain has the ability to interact with the world in a way that can create happiness, says Jim Moss. People can nudge their brains in tiny fractions to change the way they perceive their own happiness and in doing so, they can affect the people they live and work with in positive ways. Jim... Read more