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December 27, 2019
- Village Voice
The word ‘growth’ springs to mind while reflecting upon the past decade at Schlegel Villages, for it’s a word that describes many aspects of the organization at the opening of the 2020s. In sheer numbers, the new Villages that have opened, expanded or been welcomed into the family is a visible... Read more
General Manager Joanna Gurd and Harry Halsall, one of Tansley Woods woodworkers who donated a special gift to children at Oakville's Brookdale Public School.
December 24, 2019
- Village Voice
The gentlemen who work away in the basement woodshop in The Village of Tansley Woods do so as much for the sake of camaraderie as they do out of a love of sawdust and power tools. All year long, they regularly get together to fashion a variety of products out of wood, most often to be donated for... Read more
Louise alongside Pinehaven's Jill McQueen upon the #ElderWisdom bench in Waterloo. Louise says the friends she made while staying at Pinehaven helped in her recovery.
December 18, 2019
- Village Voice
Louise Schultz’s connection to Waterloo’s Pinehaven Nursing Home goes back some 25 years to when she began working there as a personal support worker; upon reflection today it’s a connection that very well may have saved her life. Louise alongside Pinehaven's Jill MacQueen upon the #ElderWisdom... Read more
The expanding LTC sector in Ontario requires quality care partners to meet the growing need. Schlegel Villages is  proud to help train them in Living Classrooms at Riverside Glen, University Gates and Wentworth Heights. 
December 16, 2019
- Village Voice
Thousands of new long-term care beds are being added in the province and Schlegel Villages is honoured to be among the providers chosen to care for and support many of these new residents in the near future. The expanding LTC sector in Ontario requires quality care partners to meet the growing need... Read more
Mary and Sylvia approached their years of service to Erin Mills Lodge with passion and dedication. 
December 10, 2019
- Village Voice
When Erin Mills Lodge became part of the larger Schlegel Villages family in 2016, it brought along a core team of people who’d grown close through many years of service and dedication to the people of Mississauga. The small, family-like home said goodbye to two of those people in late-November... Read more
“The primary responsibility of any organization is education,” says Aspen Lake's Barry Hickling. Education will be a major focus for Barry in his  new role with the Ontario Association of Residents' Councils.
December 5, 2019
- Village Voice
Almost immediately after Barry Hickling moved into his first long-term care home, he took an interest in the idea of residents’ council. Throughout his life, he’s been an advocate supporting neighbours in his community who, for any number of reasons, have a quiet voice when speaking for themselves... Read more
As a dietary aide, Chantal was able to develop more  meaningful connections with residents when a dishwasher in the neighbourhood created efficiencies. Albertina is just one of  many residents Chantal enjoys connecting with at St. Clair. 
December 3, 2019
- Village Voice
Chantal Hurst values efficiency in her work. “I’m a Zoomer,” she says with a laugh. In the past two years as a dietary team member with The Village at St. Clair, she’s figured out how to maximize her time in the meal set-up and clean-up in all the village neighbourhoods, and she is always on the... Read more
George and Barry both speak highly of the community they call home, Pinehaven Nursing Home. 
November 29, 2019
- Village Voice
Barry and George are sitting across from each other in the bright lounge of Pinehaven Nursing Home in Waterloo. They’re waiting patiently for the morning’s service to begin. Though they are from different corners of the world, the opportunity to worship was always important to both of them... Read more
Mary is one of the residents at Aspen Lake who received a personalized poem written by volunteer Sue Marier.
November 27, 2019
- Village Voice
Mary Geauvreau walked into the general store just off Main Street in The Village of Aspen Lake one late autumn day to be greeted by Sue Marier, the new volunteer who’d been running the store for a couple of months. Mary is one of the residents at Aspen Lake who received a personalized poem written... Read more
St. Clair neighbour Leona shares a dance with Jim, the  volunteer who brings a musical dance party to Main Street  every Wednesday. These are the moments The Village  celebrates on its 5th anniversary.
November 22, 2019
- Village Voice
Main Street in The Village at St. Clair smells of popcorn on a random Wednesday at the end of November and music belts out as a small core of residents sing and dance along. People float in and out and the familiar tones seem to spark interest in them all. Some are neighbours (residents) who can’t... Read more