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Lucho Vallar shares his deeply personal, difficult experience with COVID-19. He feared for his father especially, and  desperately wanted to support his fellow team members at Pinehaven Nursing Home.
August 20, 2020
- Village Voice
Like any long-term care home serving some of the most vulnerable citizens during the rising numbers of COVID-19, the team at Pinehaven Nursing Home in Waterloo was on edge in those early months. Yes, they were following all necessary Infection Prevention and Control Protocols, but there was still a... Read more
Mickey says he is greatly impressed with the perseverance  of the residents and his fellow team members at Erin Mills Lodge, and he's proud to be part of the small Village. 
August 14, 2020
- Village Voice
There were a couple of factors that prompted Mickey Mai to walk into Mississauga’s Erin Mills Lodge back in April to offer his services in any way they could be used. COVID-19 had affected the income he and his parents were able to earn, for one, but more importantly, he had seen how much of an... Read more
Vera was gracious enough to share her wisdom and perspective on the important issue of racial equality.
July 31, 2020
- Village Voice
When the powder keg of racial inequality in the United States erupted in late May following the horrific death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the scope of the issue quickly spread across borders. The protests and the political reactions across America quickly flared in the psyche of Canadians, and... Read more
July 24, 2020
- Village Voice
A family member’ brush with COVID-19 Those who work alongside our most vulnerable community citizens understand implicitly how devastating COVID-19 can be, but for those outside of the sector, until one is faced with the threat in their own lives, it can still seem somewhat abstract. A family... Read more
The urge to give her mother a hug has never faded in the heart of Wendy DesChamps;
July 14, 2020
- Village Voice
In praise of the precautions around visitation The urge to give her mother a hug has never faded in the heart of Wendy DesChamps; with every passing day as Ontario and Canada continue to show more control over the COVID-19 pandemic, she hopes she’s one day closer to that embrace. Wendy’s mother... Read more
Before COVID-19, Donna and family would visit Marie at least  weekly. This picutre was during Marie's 100th birthday celebrations three years ago. Though things have changed so much, Donna  shares how they are still making the most of every moment.
July 9, 2020
- Village Voice
When the threat of COVID-19 came across Canada’s borders and health officials decided in March that extraordinary measures must be taken, people across the country were asked to make great sacrifices. Indeed, perhaps no greater sacrifice was made than that of the residents of long-term care and... Read more
Majorie distantly visits with her granddaughter  Teresa outside Coleman Care Centre
June 26, 2020
- Village Voice
Teresa Vincent was always close with her grandmother Marjorie, but 20 years ago when Teresa’s mother passed away and not long after she lost her father, Marjorie’s counsel, support and love became all the more important, for both Teresa and her brother, David. Majorie distantly visits with her... Read more
One might not see the smiles behind Doug or Stephen's mask, but their eyes revealed their delight at reconnecting. 
June 19, 2020
- Village Voice
Under the shade of a tent on the patio outside of the retirement neighbourhoods of The Village of Taunton Mills, Doug Price and his son Stephen sit across a table from each other sharing stories and catching up. The masks upon their faces hide their smiles, but their eyes show their delight as they... Read more
Wayne Barr started at Sandalwood Park as a screener, but has since taken on other roles. His perspective on long-term care has changed ‘one thousand per cent,’ he says.
June 9, 2020
- Village Voice
New team member wanted to help out during the pandemic, and he’s been transformed In his normal life, Wayne Barr works for one of Canada’s largest Slo-Pitch organizations, but normal was pushed aside with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada and, like many Canadians, Wayne was forced... Read more
Stella Curtis was among this crowd at the Corner of King Street and  James St. In Hamilton on VE Day, May 8, 1945. Photo courtesy of the Hamilton Public Library.
May 8, 2020
- Village Voice
As difficult as it might be when anxiety and worry are heightened every present moment, we must never lose sight of the lessons of history amid the turmoil facing our communities under the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, history should shine brightly we mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, otherwise... Read more