Glendale Crossing residents in support of London Animal Care

Residents raise funds and develop new partnership

By Kristian Partington

Marion Tucker has always loved animals, though she says she only ever had one pet of her own when she was a little girl. In later life, she spent a lot of time volunteering with animal shelters and regular monthly donations came out of her bank account, earmarked to support the Humane Society. Now Marion can often be found reading outside the front door of her home at the Village of Glendale Crossing, waiting to greet any visiting pets that might arrive to visit residents in the village.  

Two residents sitting, each holding a cat
The Village of Glendale Crossing recently developed a new partnership
with London Animal Care.

When the Glendale Crossing residents’ council considered raising funds within the village to support an outside organization, Marion suggested London Animal Care. From her time volunteering there she knows just how much is required every day to keep things running, and every little bit helps. They decided on a plant sale.

In the spring, residents from every neighbourhood in the village planted seeds and over the following weeks they nurtured the sprouting plants. Together they organized a plant and book sale and when all was complete, they were able to deliver just over $150 to London Animal Care, which will go towards food and medication.

“I know how much they could use the money,” Marion says. “It so worthwhile.”

It’s not uncommon for people living within a long-term care environment to feel a lack of connection to the community around them, but at Glendale Crossing and the sister villages throughout Schlegel Villages, meaningful opportunities to make an impact outside the village walls are eagerly sought.

This plant sale is but one example, and “it feels really good,” Marion says, when asked about the efforts she and her neighbours made.

Recreation director Holly Ross says a new partnership has sprung up between the village and London Animal Care and now, once a month, residents will be volunteering at the shelter, helping to walk and feed the animals that are awaiting adoption there.