Two Families Coming Together

Shared values define the future for Fairview and Schlegel Villages

By Kristian Partington

The first time Rose Lamb walked into Fairview Nursing Home, tucked along a quiet street in Toronto’s west-end, she was instantly struck by the genuine warmth of the people there. Team members and residents alike were more than eager to welcome her into the fabric of their lives. 

Group of  residents and team members inside Fairview Nursing Home
New Schlegel family members from Toronto's Fairview Nursing Home.

In Rose’s mind, Fairview’s team and the residents it serves was like a large, warm family, and it was clear then that weaving together Schlegel’s diversity of experience with Fairview’s proven openness and inclusiveness would create a lasting bond.

As of April 1, 2015 that bond is official. Fairview is now part of Schlegel Villages, where new relationships will be fostered and a new family tapestry will be formed, bound by shared values and a deep commitment to resident engagement.

As the vice-president of operations that looks after the eastern communities within Schlegel Villages, Rose has been at the heart of discussions for the past year, alongside Fairview administrator Natalie Molin. Transitions such as this are sure to present challenges, both Rose and Natalie admit, but the shared values among both families, which puts residents at the core of all decisions, gives them both great confidence moving forward.

“I think the constant level of pride that I see with the residents and the team members really stands out,” Rose says, considering the strength of the many people she’s met at Fairview this past year. “They literally are one of the top, top homes when it comes to quality measures for residents, so they should be proud. We’re going to learn a lot from them.”

Natalie has been with Fairview for more than five years and says that despite challenges faced during the recent period of transition, the team and the 109 residents it serves has never wavered in their support and commitment to each other.

“For our team, it’s really about the people,” Natalie explains. “It about how people are treated and the culture within the team; resident and staff engagement is huge for us, and community development and partnerships. Our values really stem from customer service and the way we engage with people.”

Moving forward, Natalie says expanding Fairview’s reach into the community will continue to be a priority, and she looks forward to the team sharing its views on leadership in care with not only Schlegel Villages, but with others throughout Ontario’s long-term care sector.

As part of Schlegel Villages, the Fairview team now has the support of 13 other villages as it pursues its goals and, with shared values and commitment to residents at heart, this new expanded family has much to look forward to. 

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