To Marry Her all Over Again: A Final Wish comes True at Glendale Crossing

Harold St. Pierre had only one thing upon his mind anytime he heard the concept of a wish program arise within The Village of Glendale Crossing where he lived with his wife Nellie.

After 59 years of marriage, he simply wanted to marry his wife all over again.   

Harold and Nellie were joined by loved ones for a special 
vow renewal ceremony in The Village of Glemdale Crossing.

Out of all the wishes the Dream Catcher’s program has brought to life in the Village over the years, this was something the team knew they could easily get behind.

Village Chaplain Maureen Dwyer was happy to help make the arrangements and on June 7, almost exactly 59 years after their original magic was sealed, the St. Pierres renewed their wedding vows. Maureen says the idea of waiting one year for the 60th anniversary had been presented, but moments must be seized when they arise, and the team moved ahead with Harold’s wish.  

“This was really special,” Maureen says. “59 is a remarkable number, so let’s celebrate that,” she urged.

Harold and Nellie’s children and grandchildren along with their friends from within the Village surround them as they reaffirmed a lifetime of love, while leadership team members helped within the Village to ensure those closest to the couple could be part of the moment. The couple wore corsages created by the Village’s garden club, and they celebrated afterwards with cake and refreshments.

“It was just so touching,” Maureen says. She’s performed countless wedding services over the years, but rarely has she had the opportunity to look back over time through a renewal of vows. The essence of the service in either case is the same, she says: love, in general, is the central factor and everyone in the Village was happy to have taken part in this special moment.

The happiness they saw in Harold will stay with everyone, perhaps all the more because Harold’s health began to worsen in the weeks following the service.

On July 22, he passed away to be missed by many – his family, the team and the friends he made in The Village.

To make a wish come true is a special gift, both for those receiving it and those helping to make it happen. The renewal of vows for Harold and Nellie St. Pierre was such a gift, and Maureen’s words will hold forever.

“The look in his eyes when he would look in hers is just so inspirational, especially for our young team members,” Maureen said, just days before his passing. “They love each other more now than they did 59 years ago.”

It’s a love that is sure to carry on, despite the fact that Harold has moved beyond to wait for Nellie in another place and time.